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As a third generation Tulsan it is an honor serving you every day as an Oklahoma State Senator. I understand the conservative values we share as Oklahomans. As a small business owner, I am a firm believer in job creating measures based on free market principles. It is a pleasure making our community and state a better place, and I will always stand up for our families and our way of life.
  • Representing Oklahoma Families;
  • Fighting for Conservative Values;
  • Defending our Liberties
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Issues That Matter to You.


The Economy, Jobs and Spending:

As a business owner, I have seen the damaging effect of government overreach. At a time when families are experiencing the slowest economic recovery in our nation’s history, it is vital that we lower taxes, reduce spending, and attract business to create jobs. I believe in free-market solutions to the challenges facing our communities. I will continue to fight for policies that eliminate waste and ensure our government operates within its means.


Protecting the Unborn:

I am guided by my Christian conservative values and I understand the right to life, as guaranteed in our constitution, should extend to everyone… especially the unborn. Roe V. Wade is an example of the atrocity that occurs when our nation ignores the faith-based values our country was founded upon. I will always be a champion for the right to life movement and will always stand up for the most vulnerable Oklahomans.


Strengthening Education:

The greater Tulsa area is a shinning example of what happens when parents and communities come together for the sake of our children. Strong communities are forged through a good education system, and that starts at home. I believe children of today are the innovators, educators, doctors, engineers, and economy of tomorrow. As such, it is important that we create the world-class schools so future generations of Oklahomans can be successful.


Honoring Our Veterans:

We are great because of the thousands of brave men and women who protect the God-given rights that form the foundation of our country. Freedom, however, comes with a price. For many that is the ultimate sacrifice. From ensuring our veterans have the health care they need, to working with employers to hire our returning heroes, I will always make protecting, honoring, and caring for our veterans a top priority.


Preserving Our Conservative Values:

I understand the importance of preserving our faith, our families and our liberties. I am a devoted Christian who shares traditional family values. I am an active member of Victory Christian Center and a former youth pastor. I believe we must protect life, from conception to natural end, and that traditional marriages and families must be defended. No one will fight harder to protect the conservative values that our families share.


Standing up for Gun Owner’s Rights:

Oklahoma gun owners have no better friend in the legislature than me. The National Rifle Association has given me an A rating for advocating on behalf of Oklahoma gun owners. I understand that gun ownership is a right, and I will always fight against gun control measures.

Representing Our Communities


Dan Newberry and His Family

Senator Dan Newberry was born on November 22, 1975. He is third generation Tulsan and is an active member of Victory Christian Center. He earned a diploma of Charismatic Ministry at Oral Roberts University, a Liberal Arts B.S. from Oral Roberts with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Management and has been a business professional in the mortgage banking industry for sixteen years and is now the Vice President of Real Estate Development at Tulsa Teachers’ Credit Union. Senator Newberry is a member of the Sand Springs, Jenks, and Glenpool Chambers of Commerce, and is a member of the OU Capitol Society.

Senator Newberry was elected to the State Senate in November 2008. He and his wife, Laura, have four children: Claire, Paige, Eva and Alex. He currently serves in the Republican Leadership as Chairman of the Business and Commerce Committee. He also serves as a ranking member of three additional standing committees: Appropriations, Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies, Pensions, and Transportation and served as a Senate Majority Whip.

Senator Newberry authored a constitutional amendment during his first session fighting Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. He has received multiple awards from Americans United for Life and Oklahomans for Life for authoring legislation which protects the sanctity of human life at all stages. As a strong supporter of the military, he established the Gold Star Medal of Honor, which is given to the spouse or family members of an American soldier killed in action since 9/11.

Senator Newberry is the founder of the Paul Revere Reading Society, created to motivate elementary students to read. The Oklahoma Farm Bureau named him a member of the prestigious “100 Percent Club,” and the Oklahoma State Chamber honored him with the Guardian of Free Enterprise award for championing the economic development and growth of business in our state.

Serving You

As your State Senator, it is an honor to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact
me regarding the issues that affect you and your family.

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Senator Dan Newberry
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Senator Dan Newberry was born on November 22, 1975. He is third generation Tulsan and is an active member of Victory Christian Center. He has been a business professional business manager in the mortgage banking industry for fourteen years. The Senator also is a member of the Sand Springs...
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